The Block NZ: Dinner Wars drama divides teams

The claws are out at Block HQ as two teams made a bold move to tip the Dinner Wars challenge in their favour.

A controversial strategic move by Stace and Yanita and Ling and Zing paid off for Team Orange this week, but the victory came at a price for the Palmerston North besties.
The Dinner Wars challenge saw each team putting on their best dinner and a show to entertain their fellow contestants, but Ling and Zing and Stace and Yanita made sure the scores would sit in their favour by awarding zero points to the other two teams and a perfect 10 to each other.
The risky move paid off as Stace and Yanita won the challenge - and the prize of having the entire exterior of their house painted for them - with 25.5 points, but the other teams were none too happy about the results.
"They've finally got a win, so that's real cute," twins Julia and Ali said.
The win weighed heavily on Stace and Yanita too, who later told cameras, "Victory didn't feel good. We never felt good doing it the whole way through, but we needed to and that was the point - we just needed the money. We have the biggest house on The Block and that was why we did it ... it was nothing personal."
Despite apologising immediately after the results were announced, Stace and Yanita were still facing some flak from their fellow contestants.
While the twins joked about giving their best 'death stares' in retaliation, Hamilton dads Andy and Nate found it more difficult to see the lighter side of the situation.
"We've been helping everyone else out either on camera or behind the camera ... if it wasn't for us, half the rooms now wouldn't be finished. For them to stab us in the back, it's a little bit underhanded. There'll definitely be revenge," vowed the duo.