Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty: Rachel explores Fiji

Rachel discovers the local beauty secrets in Fiji

By Anna Ferrick
She started out in France eight weeks ago and has worked her way across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, but tonight Rachel Hunter’s search for health and happiness as finally bought her closer to home.
In tonight’s episode of TV One’s Tour of Beauty, Auckland-born Rachel pays a visit to our island neighbour Fiji.
In amongst the lush greens of the tropical paradise, our most famous supermodel learns the forest is the pharmacy and the benefits of natural remedies passed down through the generations.
Fiji was one of a number of countries that Rachel was particularly interested in visiting when the idea for the 13-part series was first devised.
“It’s all about going into different cultures and looking at beauty, not just what it is in the Western world, but going to different countries and seeing what beauty is to them, from superfoods to products to how people live.”
Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty airs tonight on TV One at 8pm.
Rachel gets a taste of fresh coconut water in Fiji. Photo: Supplied

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