The shock My Kitchen Rules romance no one saw coming

This season has delivered plenty of drama so far and it's about to kick off again in spectacular fashion.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
The 10th anniversary season of My Kitchen Rules Australia has delivered a fair amount of shock and intrigue already. There's been strategic scoring, allegations of cheating (both of which have been aimed at Ibby and Romel), psychic predictions, backstabbing, plenty of harsh words and in amongst all of that, some pretty good cooking.
But it turns out things have been heating up behind the scenes for one couple. And no, it's not Pat and Bianca, the frenemies who seem to 'hate' each other so much it's like watching a schoolyard crush in action. This shock pairing is altogether more unlikely.
We started to see hints of it in last night's episode, when Piper seemed to be voting strategically to keep Victor and G in the competition. There were suggestions of an ulterior motive. And it turns out Sydney beauty queen Piper and Melbourne bartender Victor have been conducting a romance behind the scenes.
The truth is about to come out in an upcoming episode, when Piper starts to get grilled by the rest of the cast about what secrets she's been revealing to Victor. And while it was Piper's cooking partner Veronica who spilled the beans in the end to shocked reactions around the dinner table, apparently the rest of the cast already knew.
"Obviously they've shown it like nobody knows," Veronica tells Now to Love, "but behind the scenes everyone knew what was going on so it was no surprise," she says.
More frustrating for Veronica was the fact that 29-year-old Victor got up and left the table when the questions started, leaving mum-of-two Piper to face the music.
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"Victor's good enough to be with her behind the scenes but when it comes to the table, he just walks off the table and washes his hands so that's where my frustration is coming from," she continued.
Now, details have emerged about how the romance came to be, with Victor revealing that Piper and Veronica asked he and his MKR teammate G for help with critiquing their food.
"They came to us a lot asking for help, so we got quite close," he explained to TV WEEK. "When they made it out of elimination, we had a celebration, and yeah − she and I did get quite close."
Beauty queens and mums Veronica, left, and Piper.
Piper separated from her husband just before MKR began filming. Meanwhile, Victor went into the show single, describing himself as "always open to dating, if only she challenges me".
Victor has been upset at the way their romance has played out in the public eye, saying some "outright lies" had been circulating.
"I signed up for this, so I just have to suck it up," he said. "But it's not nice for her, because I'm a single man, she was in the middle of a separation and has two kids at home. There are other people to take into account here."
Victor (L) says people will believe what they want to believe.
He says people will believe what they want to believe. "At the end of the day, Piper and I know what happened and that's what's important," he says.
"If she wants to speak about it, she's more than welcome to. The ball's in her court."