Married at First Sight NZ: How sweet is Angel's dad?

Angel and Brett may have been all smiles at their wedding, but it was her adorable relationship with her dad that stole the show.

It’s said that when you marry someone, you marry their whole family and we reckon Married at First NZ’s Brett Renall is on to a winner with his new dad-in-law.
On Monday night’s episode, Brett’s new wife Angel Heron spoke of her strong relationship with her dad Stewart and how much she adores him.
“My parents split when I was 13 and, unlike most, my dad raised me from then on.”
She said they have an incredibly close relationship. "I can't describe how much I love my dad... I can't even describe it."
In the episode, Stewart seemed slightly surprised but pretty relaxed about her decision to marry a stranger and he even helped her pick out a wedding dress.

In an Instagram post after the show aired, Angel said her dad was her best friend and has been a huge support throughout her life.
“When I was younger and did drama he used to buy a ticket to every production I ever did and watch the same show again and again. He would still be clapping with the same enthusiasm for the first show as he did the 10th.”
She said her dad was overwhelmed when he heard what she had said about him on the show.
"Dad didn't know what I had said in the interviews about him but he did tell me he has shed a few tears watching it," she wrote.

"I’m so happy my family supported me to do this but I’m even more stoked that Brett’s family seem just as amazing. Hit the second family jackpot guys and that’s just as important as nailing the husband," she said.
Brett, you have a lot to live up to!