Wedding day breakdowns on Married at First Sight NZ

Nerves and tears - and that's just the parents.

The experts on Married at First Sight NZ choose their final couples for the ‘experiment’ in matching Haydn and Bel and Aaron and Ben.
First we meet Haydn Daniels, a 31-year-old primary school teacher from Auckland.
Haydn says he’s single because he thinks he “invested time in the wrong people.” He's been engaged before but it didn't work out.
Having a family is a high priority for Haydn. He works with children in his day job and wants his own kids one day.
When not teaching, Haydn spends his time throwing people around in WWE-style performance wrestling.
The experts match Haydn with 25-year-old Bel Clarke who is known to most reality TV viewers from her time on The Bachelor New Zealand.
Bel says she went on The Bachelor to find love and her objective is still the same coming on Married at First Sight NZ.
Next we meet the final couple chosen by the experts.
Ben Blackwell, is a 26-year-old insurance consultant, originally from Wellington.
Expert Tony Jones says Ben impressed them with his "emotional maturity" and confidence.
Ben's last relationship ended after he learned his partner cheated on him "for pretty much the whole of our relationship." He moved back to New Zealand from Melbourne after the break-up.
Ben grew up in a conservative, Catholic family and says that although his parents are OK with marriage equality, they do not support Ben marrying a stranger.

The experts match Ben with Aaron, a 26-year-old ambulance officer from Christchurch.
Aaron's biggest concern about coming on the show is that his job is a public-facing role and he concerned that being on TV could leave him more open to homophobic attacks.
His dream is to meet someone and "we lock eyes and it just clicks."
Aaron's friends are largely supportive of his decision to marry a stranger, although best friend Hannah is concerned that whoever Aaron is matched with won't put in as much effort as Aaron will.
Meanwhile, Ben's parents do not want to have anything to do with the experiment and do not support him marrying a stranger. He tells his sister and friends in Wellington who, although surprised, are largely supportive.
In Auckland, Bel's friends are ecstatic about the fact she's getting married.
Haydn breaks the news to his parents at a cafe. They seem quite shocked and once the news sinks in, Haydn's mum Glenda begins to tear up. She's worried about her son getting hurt.
Ben and his 'Pretty Committee' ahead of his wedding.
The big day arrives and Ben's 'Pretty Committee' have travelled from Melbourne and Sydney to be with him for the day.
There's a lot of discussion about what Ben's groom will look like and whether he'll be attracted to him.
Aaron with his mum ahead of the wedding.
Aaron chats to his mum ahead of the ceremony and she gets emotional about lies ahead for her son.
"For me and your dad, we're best friends and I think that's a really important thing to be in a marriage. I just hope with all my heart you have that."
Ben and Aaron at their ceremony.
At their ceremony in Waiuku in south west Auckland, Ben and Aaron walk out at the same time and clasp eyes on each other.
Aaron says he's relieved and impressed with Ben.
Ben, meanwhile, looks really uncomfortable and keeps looking away from Aaron during the ceremony.
"As soon as I saw him I thought 'I got this wrong. This is not my type of person'... I just wanted to walk away."
Aaron puts it down to nerves and tells him to shake it out. He ask him if he's OK.
However, despite his hesitations Ben goes ahead and says he will marry Aaron.

In Mangere, Bel is also getting really nervous. "I feel like I'm going to pass out."
Her dad arrives, tears up when he sees her and gives Bel a big hug and reassures her.
"It makes me feel proud to be his daughter knowing how accepting he is," Bel says of her dad.
Bel walking in with her dad.
At the chapel, Haydn gets a big clap from Bel's family and friends when he arrives.
He gives Bel's mum a smile and then goes and gives his own mum Glenda a big hug.
"He went and hugged his mum. That's always a good sign , isn't it?" one of the guests says to Bel's mum.
Bel and Haydn on their wedding day.
Bel and Haydn meet and he immediately recognises her from The Bachelor NZ.
"She always seemed really genuine about wanting to find someone. That reassured me," he says.
Haydn shakes Bel's dad's hand and greets his new bride to be with a hug.
"This could not have gone any better," says Bel. "I think I have a crush."
Haydn is also impressed with her. "She's gorgeous."
Haydn and Bel clicked on their wedding day.
Back in Waiuku, things between Ben and Aaron are still quite awkward.
Ben says he doesn't really want to kiss Aaron for their wedding photos as he's not attracted to him.
Aaron and Ben.
At their wedding reception, Ben seems a little shell-shocked and spends more time chatting to his friends than his groom.
Ben's groomsman Alex reassures Aaron that Ben is just nervous about the day. "He kinda puts his real feelings to one side and plays a character," Alex says.
It's during a speech from Aaron's dad that Ben begins to cry. He realises that his parents are not there to support him on his wedding day.
"This how they have chosen to start their married life and who are we to say whether it is right or wrong," Aaron's dad says.
Ben getting upset while listening to Aaron's dad's speech.
"It very hard," says Ben, realising that his mum, who he calls his "best friend", is not there.
Aaron and his family rally around Ben, with Aaron's dad saying they'll have a big family get-together in a couple of months once Ben's parents get used to the idea.
"I think you guys are the most beautiful family," Ben tells his new parents-in-law.
He comes to the realisation that although he's not attracted to Aaron right now that once he gets to know him that might change.
Bel's mum with the new bride and groom.
At Bel and Haydn's wedding, everyone seems in a joyous mood and all seem to approve of the union.
The episode ends with Bel and Haydn snuggling up back at their hotel while Ben and Aaron seem unsure whether they will share a bed together.