Married At First Sight’s Hugo is held accountable

The goofball groom is like a deer in headlights at the dinner party

New couple Hugo and Tayla have failed to connect since their wedding day. Could the calamitous butt dial bring an end to their marriage too?

In Married At First Sight this week, Sydney IT executive Hugo and high-maintenance Tasmanian nurse Tayla are on rocky ground. Tayla still doesn’t want Hugo to share a bed with her and she’s made it clear to everyone he isn’t her type.

When Hugo is asked to do the photo-ranking task, comparing his bride with all the others in the experiment, will he make it clear that Tayla isn’t his type either? By the time Hugo heads out for the night with fellow grooms Dan and Rupert, he has a few things to say about Tayla – and Evelyn hears them, thanks to Rupert’s phone.

“I think he was just frustrated,” Evelyn admits. “Obviously, there’s no excuse for slandering your wife behind her back, but Hugo and Tayla weren’t on good terms, and they were really struggling to take off.”

At the dinner party, Evelyn reveals what she heard Hugo saying about Tayla on the boys’ night out and the groom is caught unawares.

“Hugo was like a deer in headlights,” Evelyn remembers. “I probably was a bit harsh on him.”

It remains to be seen whether the troubled couple can move forward or if they’ll call it quits and leave the experiment.

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