Married At First Sight NZ's new expert is confident this season's couples are well matched

Stephanie Dowse comes with 30 years of marriage behind her so we're listening!

With the second season of Married at First Sight NZ launching tonight we'll meet a new match-making expert, therapist Stephanie Dowse - and she is confident this season's couples can last the distance.
Stephanie joins UK-born counsellor Tony Jones, who we met last season, and guest expert Dr Trisha Stratford, who has spent six seasons as the clinical neuropsychotherapist on the Australian version of the series.
Stephanie is a Wellington-based therapist with 20 years' clinical experience in couples counselling and family therapy. She is also the author of Successful Separation: A guide for parents.
What we found hugely inspirational is that Stephanie has been married for 30 YEARS!
Clearly an expert in what it takes to a) pick the right partner and b) make a marriage work we asked her how she and Tony selected this year's couples, what's going to be key to their marriages being successful and the pitfalls to avoid.
You might want to take notes for your own relationship!