Hilary Barry wants to babysit your kids during the upcoming teachers' strike

There's just one catch...

Not sure what to do with your kids during the upcoming teachers' strike on August 15th? Well never fear, because Hilary Barry's here.
She is offering to babysit for the day. There's just one catch - they'll need to appear in a segment for Seven Sharp.
Hilary and Seven Sharp co-host Jeremy Wells are about to find out that looking after two dozen children isn't a walk in the park.
Hilary posted to Instagram today calling for children.
"This former kid (yes that's me) wants to take care of yours for the day. If you're stuck for a caregiver on the day of the teachers' strike on August 15 send us an email."
TVNZ backed up her post with more information, saying they were seeking children between 8-10. "Hilary's ready to spend the day with a couple dozen kids whose parents are in limbo about what to do with them for the day. We'll have a day of activities planned, all the kids have to do is show up."

Hilary might now be wondering what she's got herself in for, as offers have already begun to flood in, including from her sometime co-host Anika Moa, who joked "Cool I'll drop the kids off in da morn thanks babe!"
"I'll look after them if you agree to sing for the class!" Hilary responded, prompting Anika to cry "oh lord what have I done????"
Hilary had a blast with Anika Moa when the singer filled in for Jeremy Wells Seven Sharp.
It was announced yesterday morning that primary teachers and principals will take strike action on August 15th - the first strike in 24 years.
"A clear majority of both member groups voted in favour of a full day, giving a strong endorsement for collective action," lead principal negotiator Louise Green said in a statement. "It is 24 years since educators have gone on strike and this is not an action we are taking lightly."
So, if you're in Auckland and you want Hilary to look after your kids, email
Go on. We can't wait to see the results. Because looking after a roomful of kids isn't hard, right? Said no teacher ever.