Dancing with the Stars Week 7: Sunday

The stars get ready for the final

This week involved plenty of 'firsts' for the contestants on Dancing with the Stars, as each celebrity had to perform not one but two dances in the hopes of getting to the final.
The judges also threw an added challenge their way by giving each couple a prop to include in their first dance. While each celebrity did their best, some props were more successful than others!
Siobhan Marshall and Charlie Billington were up first, dancing a spirited jive with a picture frame as their prop. The duo scored a respectable 23 points, with judge Hayley Holt calling it a "great way to start the night".
This week, each couple also had to do a freestyle for their second dance, and Siobhan and Charlie nailed theirs with a mix of foxtrot and rumba. The judges scored them 27, although Candy Lane said she wanted to "see more" from the couple.
Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams performed a cheeky samba this week with a total of five life-sized mirror silhouettes of Chrystal as their 'prop'. Their song was Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' and the two definitely had fun with it, adding in several of Beyonce's iconic moves as they danced around the mirrors.
The judges loved their performance, with Stefano Olivieri praising their "fantastic technique" and "great samba content".
Chrystal and Jonny's sultry freestyle wowed the judges even more, gaining the duo the first perfect score of the season with 10s across the board.
Jay-Jay Harvey had the unique challenge of dancing with the only live 'prop' this week in the form of her husband Dom. Together with her dance partner Enrique Johns, the trio performed a three-way Viennese waltz that ended memorably with Dom ripping off his pants to reveal pictures of each judge attached to his front and backside.
The routine had the judges divided, but Jay-Jay and Enrique ended up scoring 24 points, their highest yet.
Their jive-influenced freestyle didn't fare so well with the judges, with Hayley saying she was "disappointed" that they held themselves back.
"Where was the wow factor?" She asked.
Simon Barnett and Vanessa Cole hoped to redeem themselves this week by attempting another cha-cha with a couch as their prop, the same dance Simon was slammed for earlier in the competition.
While Simon's "awkward hip action" didn't quite wow the judges completely, they agreed that the couple bring it every week, and they loved the couple's "mesmerising" freestyle even more.
Week Seven scores:
  1. Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams - 57 points(27 & 30)
  2. Simon Barnett and Vanessa Cole - 55 points (26 & 29)
  3. Siobhan Marshall and Charlie Billington - 50 points (23 & 27)
  4. Jay-Jay Harvey and Enrique Johns - 44 points (24 & 20)

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