Nadia Lim channels Flashdance in a sizzling new photoshoot

Gone is the nervous celebrity chef from her debut on Dancing with the Stars.

By Ellen Mackenzie
Standing in front of the camera wearing a slinky grey jumper and cherry-red heels, Nadia Lim has been transformed into a new woman – or more specifically, Jennifer Beals from Flashdance!
Gone is the nervous celebrity chef from her debut on Dancing with the Stars and in her place is a confident woman soaking up the glamour.
"I can't lie – at the beginning, I was terrified. It took a year off my life, that stress!" laughs the 33-year-old.
"I didn't like the make-up, hairspray and getting dressed up, but now I actually look forward to the weekends."
Even though she hasn't seen the 80s classic, Nadia makes a great Jennifer Beals from Flashdance.
Her proud dance partner Aaron Gilmore, 40, says he's loved working with the mum-of-two.
He tells, "I've seen Nadia change so much – it's amazing. In one of her first weeks, she was in rehearsal picking her nail polish off and now she walks in, telling everyone to check out her nails!"
The charismatic dance duo have formed a tight bond throughout the competition and the only thorn in their relationships seems to be that Nadia hadn't seen Flashdance before our exclusive Woman's Day photo shoot.
"What a Feeling"! Trouper Nadia happily recreated this classic scene from Flashdance.
"It's a classic!" cries Aaron, shaking his head in dismay.
While she may not agree with his choice in films, Nadia has been closely following Aaron's advice throughout the competition and credits her improvement to him.
"I've been working hard and trust Aaron with what he says and it's been working out! It's a real trust thing."
Aaron quips, "And so far, it's worked – even if I did put you in slinky black tights."

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