Celebrity Treasure Island's Rosanna Arkle and her "blessed, cruisy life" with GC partner Zane Houia

''I wouldn't be able to do what I do without him," Rosie says about her boyfriend of 10 years. "He's man enough to sit back and let his woman shine.''

By Carmen Lichi
As an Instagram influencer with 4.7 million followers around the world, Celebrity Treasure Island star Rosanna "Rosie" Arkle sets hearts aflutter every time she posts a pic of her tanned, toned curves.
"Obsessed with you," swoons one smitten fan. "Goddess!" gasps another. But there's only one guy whose opinion really matters to Rosie – her boyfriend, fellow Kiwi and The GC co-star Zane Houia.
As the couple chat to Woman's Day during a flying visit to New Zealand, where Rosie's been reunited with her Celebrity Treasure Island pals, not even fuzzy heads can dampen their natural affection for each other – even if they admit that romance isn't their strong suit.
"We're both really bad like that!" giggles Rosie. "I don't get upset with Zane for not remembering our anniversary because I don't either."
"Yet we both know when the dogs' birthdays are," laughs Zane, 34, who has a 15-year-old son from a previous relationship.
And while "bossy" Rosie and "laidback" Zane happily admit they are complete opposites, they say this is also what makes them "a great team". Their shared love of travel and their dogs - Chihuahua/terrier/Pomeranian cross Usher and Pomeranian Neyo – is their common ground.
"We love going to Bali and Thailand," tells Rosie. "We'd probably live there if it wasn't for the dogs. They're our children."
The couple met 10 years ago at a Perth nightclub. Just weeks after they became a couple, the aspiring model moved to the Gold Coast to chase her dreams.

"I thought we'd have to split because there was no way Zane would come," she admits.
They ended up moving in with some fellow Mozzies (Maori Aussies) Jade Ruwhiu, Jessi Nugent and Tame Noema, which led to the group being approached to star in 2012 reality TV series The GC.
"The show definitely gave us a thick skin," tells Rosie. "We learned to deal with the haters. So I knew what I was letting myself in for when I was approached for Celebrity Treasure Island."
"I said she should go for it – I was happy for her," tells Zane, who works stints in the mines for up to four weeks at a time. "It was good timing because I was going away."
Rosie with Moses Mackay on Celebrity Treasure Island.
The experience of losing a boxing match to fellow Kiwi model and TV personality Jaime Ridge consolidated Rosie's decision to go on the TVNZ 2 show.
"You've just got to put yourself out of your comfort zone – that's when big things happen," she says.
Some might say that if Jaime won the battle, then Rosie – whose multi-million Instagram following dwarfs Jaime's 48,000 fans – has won the war.
Her social media rise has been meteoric. A selfie she took wearing a grey onesie propelled her from an already impressive 600,000 Instagram followers to over a million within a couple of weeks.
Since then, it's "blown up" and she commands more than $3000 per post. "I'm proud of what I've done," she says. "I never ever thought I'd be doing this!"
And she's refreshingly unapologetic about having had cosmetic surgery.
"People should do whatever they want and not care about what other people think," she enthuses. "People should not comment on other people's looks anyway. They have no right to make someone feel s**t about themselves. It's up to you if you want to change something.
"Mainly in New Zealand, I've found there's a big issue with that. I'm allowed to say that 'cos I'm a Kiwi! But it's totally different in Australia and other parts of the world.
"Obviously I've had my boobs done. I've had my teeth straightened and whitened as well."
How about her Insta-famous perky posterior? "All natural!" she laughs.
Zane admits, "The comments from fans did annoy me a bit at the beginning, but not any more." Especially as he's the one tasked with taking the pics.
"She's real hard to take photos for," he laughs. "I don't really know what I'm doing, so she'll be yelling and getting in a mood! Oh, and when she's hungry it's even worse."
Smiles Rosie, "He's what's known in the industry as an Instahubby. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without him. We trust each other. He's man enough to sit back and let his woman shine. He's a Leo and I'm a Libra, so I have to go for things.
"I'm totally a star sign believer," she adds. "And I believe everything happens for a reason. I'll do angel cards if I'm feeling lost or things aren't going quite to plan."
So far, things seem to be right on track. The couple bought a house on the Gold Coast three years ago and lead a "blessed, cruisy life".
"I love everything about Rosie – apart from the annoying way her teeth click when she eats!" grins Zane. "We will definitely get married and have kids, but in our own sweet time."
Rosie agrees. "Zane's a really good father and he's great with our dogs, so I know that when we have our own children, he'll be amazing.
"Now that I've turned 30, kids are definitely on my mind – so watch this space!"

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