Sarah Ferguson says Princess Diana would have been right behind her daughters-in-law

Diana understood the challenges that can come with joining one of the most famous families in the world.

Before Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan, it was Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson who were the royal daughters-in-law. They were a duo who found solace in one another as they faced the many challenges that came with joining one of the most famous families in the world.

And so it was that when the Duchess of York walked to St George’s Chapel on the day of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding day, it was her partner in crime who she thought of, and how the late Princess of Wales would have been so proud of her boys on their wedding day.

“She’d really just be so proud. Even before they got married, Diana would have been just literally going ‘I can’t believe these boys have done so well.’ They are such a credit to her,” she said in an interview with Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid on British breakfast show, Good Morning Britain.

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Diana’s daughters-in-law are arguably the two most watched women in the world and Fergie knows that were she alive today, the People’s Princess would undoubtedly have supported them.

“She had this enormous compassion and I honestly think she’d be so proud of the wonderful Meghan and Catherine as well, she’d want to embrace them and say ‘You’re doing well’,” the Duchess of York shared.

There’s no doubt both Prince William and Prince Harry would have wanted their mother to meet their wives and both have spoken on the subject on numerous occasions.

“I would like to have had her advice. I would love her to have met Catherine and to have seen the children grow up. It makes me sad that she won’t, that they will never know her,” Prince William told GQ earlier this year of not having his mum around.

When asked in their official engagement interview what Diana would have thought of Meghan, Prince Harry joked, “They’d be as thick as thieves, without question.”

When Piers Morgan hinted that Sarah and Diana paved the way for the young royal wives, the Duchess of York said that she’s led by example for her daughters.

“I’ve been there, made the mistakes, so they know what not to do.”

Fergie was famously snubbed by William and Kate at their 2011 wedding, which clearly took its toll on her.

“It was so difficult. Because I wanted to be there with my girls and to be getting them dressed and to go as a family. And it was also hard because the last bride up that aisle was me,” she told talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

However, she did land an invitation to the ceremony and lunchtime reception for Harry and Meghan’s big day and said she felt “honoured and grateful” for the couple to have invited her.

“It was very kind of them and I think I can’t thank them enough for doing that because it was nerve-wracking but I knew I was ready,” she said.

But it seems that there was one prominent figure who was the driving force behind Fergie’s wedding invitation: her former mother-in-law.

“I just think that Her Majesty is an incredible lady. What an icon to the country, and one of the finest people I’ve ever met.” the Duchess of York gushed.

“Her Majesty leads by such example and to include me is a wonderful gesture… Her Majesty knew me from a little naughty age 10… I can’t thank Her Majesty enough for being so steadfast to me.”

Fergie has been accepted back into the royal fold, following her youngest daughter Princess Eugenie’s October nuptials.

In a royal revelation, the Duchess of York stood directly behind her former father-in-law Prince Philip for the official wedding photos, marking the first time that the pair have been snapped together in 26 years. Prince Philip reportedly cut off Sarah following her divorce from Prince Andrew and several high-profile scandals in the nineties.

Fergie has been welcomed back into the royal fold.

But that seems to all be in the past, as the Duchess only has kind words to say about the royal family.

“I cannot be more grateful to Eugenie’s grandmother for making this day so memorable,” Sarah told HELLO maagzine.

“I am so grateful for all the hard work and kindness behind the scenes to make a special day for our daughter.”

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