Prince William reveals: 'George thinks I'm cool and Charlotte is fashion obsessed, like her mum!'

Tell us more! Prince William has spilled the cutest new details on our favourite royal twosome.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Prince William celebrated his 36th birthday on Thursday, and because he's the generous prince he is, the Duke of Cambridge has gifted us with new gorgeous insight into his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
The quietly chuffed father-of-three admitted George, 4, thinks his dad is cool now after seeing him in action on a construction site, meanwhile Charlotte, 3, is taking after her style icon mother and is fashion obsessed.
All dad's want their sons to think they're cool, and Wills is no different!
Speaking at the official handover of the newly built Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre at The Stanford Hall Estate, Nottinghamshire, on Thursday, Wills joked that his "street cred" rocketed after George spotted his dad driving a digger during construction back in 2017.
Like many little boys, George is keenly interested in anything with wheels, as his uncle, Prince Harry previously explained: "I can always hear the wheels of those plastic tractors that George loves playing on."
Prince William skipped his birthday celebrations to attend royal engagements, but his family weren't far from his mind.
The centre, which William is a patron of, will provide rehabilitation facilities for members of the Armed Forces who have suffered trauma or injury during their service.
"I have been repeatedly impressed by both the speed and ambitious scale of this endeavour. I was present at the end of 2014 when the first building was demolished to make way for the new construction. George was very envious as I got to drive a digger… When completed next year, the DNRC will be a world leading centre for rehabilitation. It will provide pioneering treatments," the Prince said during a speech.
The Prince clearly adores his children.
Although it was William's birthday, and the royal is allowed to be excused from official engagements on their special day, the kind-hearted Prince broke with tradition to attend the event.
The birthday Prince has had a busy week. On Tuesday, while visiting Liverpool, Wills spilled details on his little fashion queen Charlotte. Wills was gifted a pink satchel for Charlotte, which was embossed with her name. Speaking to the makers of the bag, Keith and Gail Hanshaw of Liverpool Echo, the Prince said: "Charlotte will be obsessed with that – I'll never be able to get it off her."
Prince William says Charlotte is fashion obsessed.
Charlotte's style icon mum, The Duchess of Cambridge, has before revealed that the youngster, who was seen accessorising her pink dress with pink sunglasses at the polo recently, loves the colour pink.
We can't wait to see the little Princess out-and-about with her newest accessory, the bag aptly dubbed, 'Mini-Windsor'.
Princess Charlotte, the future Queen of Fashion!