Prince William and Prince Harry are reportedly splitting their royal household after 10 years together

The 'Fab Four' no more?

Princes Harry and William and their spouses, Duchesses Meghan and Catherine, are reportedly splitting up professionally.
According to a report by Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah, the two couples, affectionately known as the 'Fab Four', will formally part ways to create separate courts ahead of the birth of Meghan and Harry's first child in the British Spring.
The 'Fab Four' are reportedly splitting their staff ahead of the birth of the Sussexes first child in the British Spring. (Image: Getty)
This division, which is expected to take place in the coming weeks, comes after 10 years of a shared household between the brothers.
Whispers of the split were first reported in October last year when a royal insider told Roya that the brothers' evolving roles with their separate families had been a catalyst for change.
"[The] William and Harry double-act has naturally been supplanted by the two couples and their families. They have become different people with different outlooks on life. Splitting the household is the obvious thing to do," the insider said.
Over the weekend, an insider told Roya that the brothers were working to "make sure the Sussexes have an office that can support their family when they move to Frogmore".
It is understood that the main split will take place within their communications team, one that has arguably been the most busy of late after a series of negative reports surrounding, in particular Meghan.
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The negative press surrounding the royal family, in particular the Duchess of Sussex, has been relentless of late, with claims that Meghan had shaken up the Palace and earned the nickname of 'Duchess Difficult'.
Reports of stress between the two households has also been rife, with reports that Kate and Meghan had been at loggerheads as far back as May, ahead of the royal wedding.
Prince Andrew's former wife Sarah Ferguson has since penned an open letter, published by Hello! addressing the rumoured rivalry between the two Duchesses and speaking out against the idea of pitting women against each other.
In her letter, Sarah writes: "Women, in particular, are constantly pitted against and compared with each other in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray Diana and me all the time as rivals, which is something neither of us ever really felt."
Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan were all smiles on Christmas Day 2018, in the midst of the swirling rumours there was a rift between the pair. (Image: Getty)
Currently, US PR agent Jason Knauf looks after the two household's media relations with the Mail On Sunday claiming he was dismayed by the most recent onslaught of press about the Duchess of Sussex.
Earlier this month, People magazine published an interview with Meghan's closest friends to "set the record straight" about her troubled relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.
The Mail on Sunday reports Knauf is thought to have not known about the article at all until shortly before publication, suggesting that the report was given the okay by Meghan herself.
Prince Andrew's former wife Sarah Ferguson has spoken out against the supposed rivalry between Kate and Meghan, saying it reminded her of how people tried to portray her and Princess Diana. (Image: Getty)
This also comes after a number of staff quit, just months after working for Harry and Meghan.
In November last year, it was revealed the royal couple lost three staff members from their team in the few short months following their May wedding.
Despite the reported split of households, the foursome will still be united in some capacities.
The Cambridges and Sussexes will still come together through their joint organisation The Royal Foundation, as well as at family events.