Prince William and Duchess Catherine throw surprise party for unsuspecting teens

The royal couple have been making big things happen under the radar.

There's no denying being thrown a surprise party by your close friends and family is a huge shock in itself.
But if said party was not only attended by Prince William and Duchess Catherine, but organised by the royal couple themselves? Well... we'd need a few minutes to compose ourselves.
While Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan take Australia by storm, Wills and Kate are keeping themselves very busy in London, hosting a surprise engagement at their home in Kensington Palace for some very unsuspecting people.
The royal parents-of-three hosted a surprise engagement at Kensington Palace.
The couple hosted a reception for the finalists of BBC Radio One's Teen Hero Awards, where teenagers Lily Rice, Junior Frood and Siena Castellon were welcomed into their home, according to Hello!.
The threesome were crowned the Teen Heroes of 2018, and they couldn't have said nicer things about the royal couple.
"It was such an honour and privilege to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace. They were both genuinely interested in my website," said Siena, aged 16 who was recognised for her work in supporting students with autism and learning difficulties.
Kate and Wills spoke to the teenagers about their inspiring work.
The student herself also told Hello! about Kate's interest in addressing autism stereotypes, saying she was "Saddened to hear about the severity of the disability-related bullying I have experienced," she explained.
The BBC Radio Teen Awards will be presented on Sunday to celebrate the brave, selfless and inspiring achievements of young people.