Prince Philip looked happier than ever at the Windsor Cup polo

Just because he’s 97 and retired doesn’t mean he’s going to miss an opportunity to have a good time...

By Ellie McDonald
Rewind the clock on Prince Philip's life and you'd see a young man full of energy and fun (and a penchant for what the royal family would consider trouble-making).
Way back in the early years of his marriage, Prince Philip was a very social character – and the proof is in The Crown's depiction of the Duke of Edinburgh's once-believed luncheon club, The Thursday Club.
But years have gone by and the Duke has since retired from his reportedly debaucherous days, along with his royal duties, living out the rest of his days in the comfort of his home, Buckingham Palace.
The Duke of Edinburgh attended his last official royal engagement almost a year ago on August 4 at the Captain General's Parade on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.
And just when we thought spotting the Duke driving a carriage around Windsor Castle last week couldn't have piqued our excitement more, there he goes and steps out at the Windsor Cup polo match with his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth II, to enjoy a day of front-row frivolities.
The Duke was clearly having a good time, beaming from ear to ear besides his darling 'Lilibet', sweetly chatting with her as the day's events unfolded. But the most endearing/hilarious moment of Prince Philip's big day out of retirement? The fact that he was rubbing shoulders with a Hollywood superstar and didn't even know it!
The Prince can barely keep the smile off his face!
The Queen seems to be loving having her beloved by her side again.
Taking time out from retiring to accompany the Queen to the polo.
Prince Philip, 97, didn't seem to recognise Susan Sarandon as she introduced herself to The Queen. As reported by the Daily Express, the Duke of Edinburgh leaned across his "Cabbage" to get a better look at the star.
Speaking of Susan, according to People, Susan, 71, was hanging out at Sunday's Royal Windsor Cup polo match when she thought it'd be fun to go say g'day to The Queen.
She excitedly approached The Queen, bending down to shake her hand – something that we may think is lovely, but apparently is a big no-no for the British royals.
Queen Elizabeth happily shakes Susan's hand despite it being against royal protocol to do so.
Philip looking to the Queen to find out who this celebrity is...
Despite The Queen giving the Academy Award-winning star her new signature smile upon meeting her, royal protocol states that guests should wait to be introduced to The Queen before speaking to her, let alone shaking her hand.
Whether Prince Philip knew who Susan was or not, we're sure that if he knew she was breaking royal protocol, the always-cheeky Duke would've liked her even more…