Magazine editor reveals what Kate Middleton is really like

The editor of British Vogue saw a side of the Duchess we rarely do.

We've all seen photos of Kate Middleton as she attends official events, and travels the world meeting with world leaders.
But what is she like to work with as a model?
British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman had that very insight when she secured the Duchess of Cambridge as her magazine's cover star for its 100th edition.
"She's incredibly likeable," Shulman told ES Magazine's Charlotte Edwards. "She really is. She wants to do what she's doing well, and she's very professional."
Shulman said, despite paralles being drawn between the two women, Kate is very different from her mother-in-law, Princes Diana.
"Diana was more interested in that high-voltage celebrity, that was something she really embraced. The Duchess of Cambridge is prepared to do her bit, but it's not one of the things that she most cares about.
"She loves her kids and the countryside. Dressing up, that's a professional side to her. It's a sort of uniform, all those lovely couture costumes."
But it does seems as if Kate's style just keeps getting better and better.
This year we have seen her wearing Topshop in India, Alexander McQueen in Canada and lots more. Take a look through some of Kate's best looks for 2016.
Here's hoping wee Charlotte grows up to have even half the style of her mum!