How Kate Middleton has been Prince William’s “rock” through the Queen’s health scare

''She’s made it her mission to jolly her husband along.''

When it was announced the Queen was secretly hospitalised for reasons unknown, monarchists the world over were forcibly reminded that the 95-year-old is very much in the twilight of her reign.
But for Prince William, the reality of his much-admired grandmother slowing down has been at the forefront of his mind all year.
"It is inevitable, of course William knows that, but mentally preparing himself for the Queen to no longer be his confidante and guide is very different from the reality of it actually happening," says a source.
"Wills was worried sick when she was hospitalised, and even though she's out of the woods, her team taking an axe to her public engagements diary was further proof that things are changing at the palace – and fast."
Her Majesty has noticeably slowed down since the death of her husband Prince Philip in April, and she's since been accompanied by at least one royal relative to events ever since.
Prince William and Kate Middleton have been dealing with the Queen's health scare. (Getty)
She now walks with a cane, and aides have ensured she doesn't have to walk long distances.
Since her mysterious hospital stay, which the palace only confirmed when UK newspaper The Sun received an anonymous tip, she has been on doctor's orders to rest.
Last week concern was again sparked when Buckingham Palace confirmed the Queen had cancelled her planned appearance at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.
However, she did resume her royal duties, albeit virtually, appearing via video link from Windsor Castle.
"Seeing the Queen – who has been a force on the throne for 69 years – appearing fallible has rocked William," says a source.
"He gets really emotional about the thought of losing his granny, especially given how much close attention she's paid to him over the years as the heir to the throne.
"William might act tough when in public, but behind closed doors he's quite sensitive. The thought of his granny being unwell has made him tear up on a number of occasions."
Luckily for William, 39, his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is all too aware of this fact – and insiders say she's been his rock.
"Kate's terribly sad as well, but she's made it her mission to jolly her husband along," says a source.
"She's told him that Granny doesn't want him feeling sorry for her and sad for himself.
Insiders say Kate has been William's "rock" through it all. (Getty)
"He needs to step up and support her, and keep the family running smoothly. Honestly, Wills doesn't know what he'd do without Kate."
Insiders say it was 39-year-old Kate's idea to pack Wills and their three children off for a quick mid-term break as soon as they knew the Queen was not in immediate peril, with the family being spotted with their suitcases at Heathrow's VIP entrance last week.
"Kate was keen for them to forget their troubles for a few days and be like a normal family," says a source.
"Duty will call back in London soon enough and, one day, without the Queen, so she feels they should make the most of their time together before a lot more responsibility falls to William and herself."