Duchess Meghan shows her sweet side by baking banana bread for drought-stricken farmers in Dubbo

After a gruelling first day of the Royal Tour 2018, Meghan took to the kitchens of Admiralty House.

Is there nothing the Duchess of Sussex can't do? It's beginning to look that way!
Not only has Meghan been non-stop on the go since she and Prince Harry touched down in Sydney at 6am on Monday morning, she's done it while jet-lagged and pregnant. And now she's turned her hand to baking!
Despite the packed schedule, the pregnant duchess was beaming in Dubbo on day two of the Royal Tour 2018.
Yep, you heard that right.
Instead of getting Prince Harry to rub her feet after a full day touring Sydney's Taronga Zoo and meeting crowds of well-wishers at the Opera House (in heels!) which frankly, no-one would have blamed her for, the Duchess took to the kitchens of Admiralty House to cook up a storm.
Knowing that day two of the Royal Tour Down Under would include a trip to Dubbo and afternoon tea with a family of fifth-generation farmers, Meghan baked a fresh loaf of banana bread to take with her as a gift.
The royal couple toured Mountain View farm, set 25km outside Dubbo and met with the current farmers, Elaine and Scott Woodley who farm the 3000 hectares with their daughter, Laura, before revealing their surprise gift.
Royal correspondent for The Daily Mail Rebecca English, posted pictures of the tempting treat on Twitter, writing "Meghan's banana bread went down well! It has chocolate chips in and a bit of ginger (and I can personally attest to the fact that it is rather nice!)"
Not only did the duchess bake her own present but she also thoughtfully brought along a canister of Royal Blend tea from posh London store Fortnum & Mason.
WATCH: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex tour a drought-stricken farm in Dubbo on Day 2 of the Royal Tour 2018. Post continues...
The Duchess has 76 engagements over the course of the 16-day Royal Tour and according to Rebecca, is reported to be "running on adrenaline" but is "feeling pretty well so far" if not a bit tired.
Meghan showed no signs of slowing down on the rainy day in Dubbo.
After the afternoon tea, Meghan sheltered her husband as he gave an emotive speech telling the locals gathered there in the downpour that they were "as tough as they come" and "the backbone of this country".
The look on the Duchess of Sussex's face as Prince Harry spoke movingly of his time in Australia in 2003 was of adoration. We doubt she even felt a drop as, despite her best efforts with the umbrella, raindrops marked her Serena Williams Collection checked jacket.
WATCH: Prince Harry's inspiring speech in the pouring rain. Post continues...
While only a few days in, Harry and Meghan are proving to be very kind and humble on their first international tour as a couple.
Baking banana bread for drought-stricken farmers was an absolutely wonderful and kind gesture on behalf of Meghan, and we're sure the farmers really appreciated her thoughtfulness.
We can't wait to see what these two get up to on the rest of their royal tour!