Duchess Catherine resumes her royal duties after five months maternity leave

Kate Middleton is back to work after giving birth to her third child, Prince Louis, in April.

We cannot be the only ones who missed Kate Middleton!
The Duchess of Cambridge had her last public outing before officially going on maternity leave in late March, and since she's welcomed her third baby, Prince Louis, on April 23, we've unfortunately seen less and less of the royal.
Fortunately for us, though, that has come to an end! Kate, 36, has made her triumphant return to royal life, and to be honest, it's so good to see her again!
The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden at Paddington Recreation Ground on Tuesday, Oct. 2 sporting a brand new haircut and a bouncy, stylish blowout.
The mum-of-three wore a chic outdoor ensemble.
"The Duchess of Cambridge is visiting @SCTrust Forest School and Wildlife Garden, which gives inner city children a unique opportunity to learn about and engage with the natural world," Kensington Palace wrote on Twitter alongside a video of Kate sporting brown tight pants, boots, and a military green jacket.
The London-based school teaches children about the natural world, taking in thousands of students each year for visits.
Kate's visit to the school was to see the "Positive impact that the Forest School has on children's emotional and physical wellbeing,'' according to Kensington Palace.
Duchess Catherine jumped right back into her royal duties, laughing and chatting to young children at a visit to a forest and garden school.
During the event, Kate revealed a sweet activity that she enjoys partaking in with her two eldest children, George and Charlotte - spider hunting.
The Duchess told the students and teachers that they could hunt for the eight-legged creatures "for hours" according to Hello!.
Kate shared some sweet anecdotes with teachers and students during the visit.
Kate will sporadically attend events this spring, however, she will resume her busy schedule come January. But keep in mind that Kate has spoiled us by still attending a few events over the past few months even though she was on maternity leave.
For starters, she attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19 just three weeks after giving birth. She also attended Trooping the Colour in June alongside Queen Elizabeth. In July, she and her entire family stepped out for Prince Louis' christening. Lastly, we got a sneak peek at the royal post-baby when she attended Wimbledon with her new sister-in-law, Meghan, and her husband, Prince William.
This isn't what fans were used to, though. After Kate welcomed Prince George, 5, in July 2013, she was out of the public eye for six weeks. And when she had Princess Charlotte, 3, in May 2015, no one saw her for two months.
We're so glad to have you back, Kate!
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