Married at First Sight

MAFS Australia’s Tash Herz responds to her TV wife Amanda’s accusations she had a girlfriend during filming

After her TV wife Amanda Micallef claimed she'd had a girlfriend ‘in real life’ during the filming of the social experiment, Tash has come forward to tell her side of the story.

At the beginning of the month Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz, Married At First Sight Australia's first lesbian couple, both opted to leave the social experiment at the second commitment ceremony after a number of fiery arguments and Amanda's frustration at Tash's lack of enthusiasm.
Following the couple's decision to leave the experiment Amanda made a tearful apology to the gay community for the way her rocky marriage with TV wife Tash had played out.
"Unfortunately this relationship has not been a representation of what gay relationships are really like," Amanda said.
"There are a lot of good functioning gay couples out there and I'm sorry that this didn't do the gay community justice this time around," to which Tash nodded in agreement.
WATCH: MAFS' Amanda apologises to gay community for the way her marriage with Tash played out. Story continues below...
However, since leaving the show Amanda has hit out at her ex-TV wife, claiming Tash had a girlfriend during the entirety of its filming and that the two would hardly spend time together as Tash was always disappearing.
"I'm pretty sure Tash was seeing someone throughout the experiment," Amanda told NW in an exclusive interview.
"Tash applied for the show at the same time that she was a in serious relationship and she applied for MAFS with the girl that she is now seeing."
After the show began airing in Australia, Tash has been spotted with 31-year-old Madison Hewitt and since the airing of her and Amanda's departure Tasha and Madison have made their relationship 'Instagram official'.
Madison's headshot can be seen among the candidates the experts were sifting through when matching Amanda and Tash.

"They have been in an on-off relationship for six years," Amanda claimed.
"I legitimately think she was seeing that girl."
Now, Tash has come forward to tell her side of the story, telling NW that Amanda's claims couldn't be further from the truth, saying she chose to leave the experiment as she didn't feel a strong connection to Amanda.
"I had no time to see anyone else during the time on filming," Tash told NW.
"It was absolutely all about feeling no chemistry with Amanda and feeling guilty about it."
Responding to Amanda's claims that the two of them spent very little time together, Tash says: "We spent a lot of time together especially on our honeymoon.
"We went jet-skiing, we did kayaking, we went on sunset picnics, we have breakfast and lunches together, we trained together, but it [got] edited into two small fights."
Tash says despite Amanda's claims, the two did spend a decent amount of time together, however she struggled because she didn't feel a spark.
So how did she meet her new girlfriend Madison?
"So, before the show, Madison and I were just acquaintances and we talked on-and-off randomly," Tash told the publication.
"We didn't meet for so long because we lived in different states, we bumped into each other for the first time at Splendour in the Grass and nothing came of that. But then speaking online we both realised that we both applied for the show and because I got accepted and she didn't and I wanted to fully commit to the experiment, we cut communication completely."
She says it wasn't until she was watching the show back that she saw Madison right next to Amanda on the experts' slideshow and thought, "Oh my god, that's a sign and such a coincidence" and decided to reconnect.

And, it's clearly paid off. The 31-year-old describes her relationship with Madison as "beautiful".
"She's such an amazing support and I have to give her so much credit to be able to watch the show back with me.
"She's so strong and I'm just in awe of her. I took my time getting to know her because I am a bit old-school and like to know someone before I commit to them but after a few months I couldn't be happier."
Adding, "I found love in the end and Amanda absolutely deserves the same and someone to show her love and affection."