Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight's Tamara and Mick get cosy off screen

They were looking very loved up as they celebrated Tamara's 30th birthday, as Mick admits he wishes he was paired with the 29-year-old beauty.

His on screen wife Jessika Power has been pursuing an affair with 'intruder' groom Daniel Webb - and has kept Mick in the experiment for the second week running just so she can 'explore' things further with Dan.
But Queensland-based farmer Mick Gould is having the last laugh, as he confesses to TV WEEK that he may be striking up the ultimate revenge romance – with Dan's wife Tamara Joy.
Mick and Tamara were spotted in Melbourne recently packing on the PDA at Tamara's 30th birthday, walking arm in arm and setting the rumour mill wild. And now Mick is breaking his silence on the gossip that they're a couple in real life, revealing he thinks the experts got his match wrong from the get-go.
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"I wish I was paired with Tamara," he admits, before making a swipe at his on-screen bride. "Great chick – and real!"
In fact, Mick even hints it was Jess and Dan's secret relationship that brought he and Tamara closer together in the end.
"It was absolutely appalling to find out Jess and Dan were playing up behind Tamara's and my back. I don't think they realised that if they left the experiment they wouldn't fall off the face of the earth," he tells TV WEEK of the couple, who were hesitant to give their relationship a go outside of the experiment because they lived in different states.
Watch: Jess makes her intentions towards Dan crystal clear. Story continues below.
Now as things heat up between he and Tam off screen, Mick is questioning the connection he had with Jess entirely.
"Early on I had feelings for Jess, yes. But I think it was just a build-up of emotions over the course of the experiment," he confesses.
"Jess was on the show for fame. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Dan and Jess won't last."
29-year-old Tamara echoes Mick's view on Jess and Dan's relationship. "It won't last, mark my words," she told TV WEEK.
And in the biggest sign yet that she's well and truly over her disastrous marriage to Dan, she was recently photographed throwing her wedding dress out.
"I did feel bad… If I were in the outside world, I probably wouldn't have done that. But I liked Dan and went for it. I can't apologise for that," she told TV WEEK.
She may well have to prove her commitment if things with Dan go the distance, as the 35-year-old single father is facing jail time over a multi-million fraud.