Married at First Sight

A failed engagement, one divorce and a three-year-old daughter: The truth behind MAFS star Andrew's past relationships and family life

''My ex-fiancé actually cheated on me with the male escort.''

By Alana Mizzoni
Andrew Davis has fast become one of the most controversial grooms in Married At First Sight Australia history.
From his declarations that his wife Holly Greenstein is bad in bed, to revealing he's slept with over 350 women, the straight-talking Texan has dominated MAFS headlines.
The 39-year-old revealed in his introduction that he's been divorced twice, and shares a three-year-old daughter with one of his ex wives.
So what exactly went down in Andrew's two failed marriages? Let's examine the evidence!
Andrew and Holly have had a turbulent marriage on MAFS.
In Andrew's audition tape for MAFS, he revealed that he first became engaged nearly 15 years ago when he was 26. But the engagement was plagued by issues from the start.
Andrew claimed that four months before their wedding, Andrew's ex-fiancée cheated on him with a male stripper at her hens night. Ouch!
"They had a male escort, like a stripper. My ex-fiancée actually cheated on me with the male escort," he said in his audition.
But the unfortunate turn of events didn't end there...
"She ended up marrying the guy on our wedding day," he continued.
In his MAFS audition tape, Andrew claimed his ex-fiancée cheated on him with a male stripper on her hens night.
"She didn't even change the wedding date. She just used our deposit and changed the last name."
After this heartbreak, Andrew was ready to get back in the dating scene and didn't let his first engagement turn him off marriage.
In his audition tape, Andrew revealed that the reason he moved to Australia was because of his first wife. The pair met in Texas before he flew to Australia to meet her family.
In fact, he fell so in love with the mystery woman that after coming to Australia he immediately "flew back to Texas and sold everything [he] owned."
The pair had only known each other for eight weeks before getting hitched. His new wife got pregnant nine months later and they welcomed their daughter Madison.
"When a child is born it's either going to put a wedge between your relationship or it's going to make it stronger," Andrew said of his daughter.
Andrew admitted he doesn't feel like he needs to have another child. (Image: Facebook)
"I feel like I kinda got kicked to the curb."
The motivational speaker then added: "I'm no longer in a stage of my life where I feels like I have to have another child."
"But, I do want to be a father to a child that's in a family."