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Watch Kylie Jenner trying to do a New Zealand accent

Kylie Jenner attempts a New Zealand accent inspired by her new Kiwi bestie

Miley Cyrus was romantically linked with Stella Maxwell earlier this year and just last month Leonardo DiCaprio was seen hitting on Georgia Fowler – who has also been connected to One Direction’s Harry Styles – in a Cannes nightclub.
Now social media queen Kylie Jenner has nabbed herself a Kiwi bestie in Cassidy Morris – who you may remember from our fashion pages!
Cassidy, 21, who is represented by Auckland agency Red 11, recently moved to LA to further her modelling career and has been popping up in the reality star’s social media a lot recently.
The 18-year-old reality star shared a two minute clip with her followers of her mucking around with Cassidy and drinking frappes.
“So Kylie ordered a gross Starbucks and I ordered a good one so she made me swap. So she gets the good one,” says Cassidy.
Kylie interrupts, laughing with, “I’m not a coffee person, I don’t know!”
In the short video the besties take time to compare skin tones before the youngest Jenner tries to mimic the Kiwi accent. It wasn’t great… but it would have been a good attempt if she was trying to sound British!
The stylish beauties also posted the same pic on their personal Instagram accounts of themselves posing for a selfie together.
"Before we leave the house", Cassidy captioned her shot.
Cassidy shared a black and white version of this same photograph on Instagram.

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