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Question time with Eleanor Ozich

The My Petite Kitchen food blogger offers up a slice of her life and the people, places and things she loves.

Top of my bucket list is… to visit the top 10 restaurants in Italy. I just love Italian food.
The website I can’t resist checking is… food52.com.
My go-to party outfit is... jeans, a pretty blouse and my Isabel Marant boots – best investment.
If I was brave enough, I would… learn to fly a plane.
If I could cook for anyone it would be… my great-great-grandma.
My advice to my younger self… would be to slow down, relax and learn to say no. Opportunities will come and go, there’s no need to say yes to everything.
My one desert island luxury would be… sunglasses.
The song that always makes me want to dance is… anything by Fat Freddy’s Drop.
The best thing about summer is… being able to go barefoot.
If I were a billionaire… I’d travel the world with our kids.
My most cringeworthy moment was… deciding to wear bright blue eyeshadow for a magazine photoshoot. What was I thinking? I tend not to wear too much makeup.
My hidden talent is… once upon a time I dabbled in hairdressing. I still cut both my daughters’ hair and my own. Our son Obi is yet to have a haircut.
My ultimate dinner party guest would be... food writer Nigel Slater.
My favourite day of the week is… Sunday. I’m always feeling well-rested and inspired to make something fun and exciting in the kitchen.
Most of my time is taken up by… cooking. I spend far too much time in the kitchen, both at work and at home, but it’s not often that I tire of it.
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