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MKR's Zoe & William: What's next?

They were the stars of My Kitchen Rules since their first Instant Restaurant blew everyone away- but unfortunately for Auckland’s Zoe Ellwood and William Lockie, they stumbled at the final hurdle, coming second in the hit reality competition.

We caught up with the pair just after the final to see what’s next for the confident young professionals!
So close but so far! How are you feeling about the result now?
Will: I am so proud of what Zoe and I accomplished throughout the competition. Unfortunately it just didn't go our way in the final. We cooked our hearts out and put so much passion into our food - we can hold our heads high.
Zoe: It was always going to be disappointing for one team. I’m still incredibly proud of what we achieved and how far we got in the competition - so despite falling at the final hurdle, I wouldn’t change anything. Jess and Stella did a great job!
Is it true you didn’t know if you’d won until you saw it on TV, like everyone else?
Will: Yes, as crazy as it sounds we had no idea. We found out when the rest of New Zealand heard the judges' scores.
Zoe: Absolutely. We found out at the exact same time as everyone else.
Do you agree with the result?
Will: Of course if I was judging I would be just a tad bias and award us the win but I truly believe our food was exceptional - it was just such a close call.
Zoe: It’s not for us to argue with what the judges decided!
Do you have any regrets about what you presented in the final?
Will: I thought our finale dishes were absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't have changed a thing! We were so proud of everything we served - we wanted to demonstrate technique while creating exciting and flavour packed dishes! What we served up delivered for Nadia - she did give us a 10 after all.
Zoe: Given the amount of time we had to plan and practice our menu, I don’t have any regrets. However when you have several months to mull your decisions over before the result was announced, inevitably you start to think maybe we could have done things a little differently – but to be honest I think it’s unhealthy to think like that.
What’s next for you guys?
Will: This is definitely just the start - I have landed a dream foodie job working for WOOP - World On Our Plate, a new food-kit delivery subscription making huge waves in Auckland and soon to expand to other cities. I love that it is fast paced and combines my marketing abilities with my love of food! I also am excited for what Zoe and I have I store for 2016 - this won't be the last you see of us.
Zoe: A holiday! I’m exhausted and still getting over the glandular fever I came down with after filming wrapped. But aside from that, I’m really excited to see what opportunities this has opened up for us both – I’d love to collaborate with people and businesses we admire, and to eventually have a cookbook or a cooking show would be a dream come true.
Would you do it again?
Will: Definitely! What an awesome experience to be able to get totally absorbed doing something you love. Yes it was tough going but we learnt so much and really developed as cooks!! Food is everything for us so to get the chance to share that was incredible.
Zoe: I wouldn’t be ready to restart the competition now for a second time – it’s taken everything out of me, but if I could go back in time I’d certainly do it all over again.