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Millie Elder-Holmes: ‘Through every cloud there is a silver lining’

Millie Elder-Holmes

After all of the heartbreak Millie Elder-Holmes has faced over the past few years: the death of her father, Sir Paul Holmes and the murder of her partner Connor Morris, taking herself to the other side of the world has proven to be a much needed fresh start.

Reflecting on her move to the Mediterranean, which she made a year ago, Millie posted a thoughtful message to followers on social media this week, telling them of them of the changes she has been through, since making the decision to leave New Zealand.

Motivated in part to reconnect with family in Greece – the homeland of her birth father – Millie shared her thoughts on the move as well on the difficulties of facing an uncertain future but she says she has one simple goal in mind: to be happy again.

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“I left New Zealand extremely depressed and anxious about my life, my goals were simple to just try to be happy again in a place where people didn’t assume who I was because of what they thought they knew about my life.”


Millie explained on the post, which was added to her Clean Eatz NZ page, that the move had given her the chance to reflect on living in a less complicated way.

“This past year I’ve gotten to know myself a lot, I’ve fallen in love with a place where life is simple it’s not about who’s going to what event or who has the most likes on their blog or what new workout or product to checkout.”

Her message offers hope to those who might find themselves in the midst of adversity, and she encourages people to share her story with anyone who might be struggling.

“This last 12 months showed me that life will always go on, and it’s for you to decide what you make of it. It’s taught me how to accept myself, that I deserve to be happy and that getting some distance from your situation for anyone, regardless of something bad happening to you or not will open your eyes and give you perspective in some way or another and I highly encourage that.

“It’s really shown me that you will always have the ability to grow, learn and change and if you stop doing things that are different and challenging you might get stuck and that’s not a life worth living.”

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