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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth do their own 'carpool karaoke'

Miley Cyrus has documented her car ride sing-along with beau Liam Hemsworth in a new video.

They summered in Byron, partied with Hemsworth clan and veged out in LA - but now Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have most definitely taken their relationship game to the next level.
Miley shared an adorable video of the pair, joined by the beautiful Beagle, Barbie, belting out Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", you guessed it, in the car!
Watch Miley and Liam's impromptu duet in the car in the video - story continues below.
Liam, 26, might not have the best pipes, but what he lacks in vocals, he makes up for in charm.
Attempting to scare his girlfriend (and rumoured fiancee), Thor's little bro lets out a resounding "Argh!"
Mellow no more, Miley remarks, "Babe stop, seriously."
The duo met back in 2010 on the set of their feature film, The Last Song.
Following a momentary split in 2013, the couple rekindled their romance last year.
Fans couldn't help but notice how much the clip reminded them of the duo during their Last Song days.
The pair, who met on the set of the 2010 film, have a super cute scene where Miley is very unimpressed with Liam's singing ability.
Relive the magic in the video below!
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia

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