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Mila Kunis reveals how she and Ashton Kutcher plan to raise normal kids

The actress opens up about her and Ashton's plans to make sure their kids grow up with a normal childhood.
Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher

Mila, 32, has spoken out about how she and Ashton are keeping their family life grounded and down-to-earth in a new interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“The one topic of conversation we had even prior to ever having kids was always, ‘How do you raise a child to not be an a–hole?’ ”

“It’s so important because we both came from pretty solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor and are very much self-made and are very aware of what a dollar is worth,” she added.

“Nothing’s been handed to us.”

The starlet, with her co-star Kristen Bell, is set to welcome her second bub later this year.

The Ukraine-born beauty, who once spoke about having “ketchup soup for dinner”, will still give the best she can to her 22-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle and the little one on their way.

Showing off her trademark humour, she explained, “It’s a matter of teaching them from a very early age that, you know, ‘Mummy and Daddy may have a dollar, but you’re poor.’ ”

“‘You are very poor, you have nothing. Mummy and Daddy have a bank account.’ ”

Mila talks about juggling work and motherhood in the video below. Story continues.

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The pregnant mama is in awe of her daughter, admitting, “Ours is still little and she’s still a good person but that’s something we definitely focus on.”

The actress, who is currently promoting her new movie Bad Mums, discovered through her role that it is about accepting all types of parenting.

“If you can’t find a character to relate to, then chances are you are one of them and are in denial,” she mused.

“I think the writers did a beautiful job of creating very specific characters that people can hopefully pinpoint and be like, ‘That’s me!’ It’s very honest.”

This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day Australia

Mila and Ashton are making sure their children won’t grow up feeling entitled.

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