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Martin Henderson makes his Grey's Anatomy debut

The latest dreamboat to join the cast of Grey's Anatomy is one of our own.

Grey’s Anatomy premieres on TV2, Tuesday at 8.45PM.
Grey’s Anatomy fans, rejoice! After a roller-coaster season 11 in which the legendary McDreamy (played by show stalwart Patrick Dempsey) was cruelly killed off in a car accident, the show is back and better than ever. And this time, there’s a Kiwi, or should we say McKiwi, twist – our very own Martin Henderson in his debut as Grey’s new hunk.
Playing cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Nathan Riggs, Martin (41) makes his first appearance in this season’s sixth episode, so while he was busy scrubbing up for his shift at the show’s Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, we take a moment to chat to our very local hero.
Watch Martin Henderson's Grey's Anatomy debut below
What was it like to land a role on Grey’s?
As an actor, you spend so much of your life working so hard and reading the script, and imagining what you think something should be like. Then you go away and shoot it, and you have no idea or no control of the outcome or how it will be received. It’s just a pure gift to be working on a show that’s already so well loved.
Martin Henderson with Ellen Pompeo.
How do you explain the show’s popularity?
The writers are very good at writing characters that have as many failures as they do noble qualities. Meredith Grey is in many ways a hero but at the same time, we’re able to laugh along at her inability to do certain things emotionally. I think it’s that combination, where its stuff we can feel affected by on a deep level but it is also done in a fun way. I don’t think the show takes itself too seriously.
Our very own star as Dr Nathan Riggs.
How have you prepared for the role?
I did my research. I thought I’d watch a bit here, watch a bit there, but the show – it just pulls you in! You get to an ad break and you just want to know how it ends. I’m sort of a fan by default.
Grey's Anatomy, TV2, Tuesdays at 9.45pm.

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