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Kylie Jenner admits she made her lips ‘too big’

After finally opening up about getting filler in her lips last year, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has confessed to over-doing her plumped-up pout
Kylie Jenner

The constant speculation over the changing size of her lips saw Kylie Jenner finally coming clean about them during an episode of her family’s reality show last year.

Now, the young entrepreneur is admitting to having over-done her lip fillers in a new interview with big sister Kim Kardashian.

The reality star confessed to over-doing her lips during an interview with big sister Kim Kardashian. Photo: Getty

Sitting down for a chat about her beauty routine, the 18-year-old – whose cosmetics company came under fire this month for receiving an ‘F’ rating – was asked what her biggest beauty mistake was.

“Well, I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point,” she said, in response to Kim’s question.

“I got excited and felt like I needed to do a lot. And then you guys were like, ‘Kylie, you need to chill.’ And then I had to go back and have it fixed, and it was a crazy process.

Kylie confessed to having to get her lips fixed after going overboard with filler in a new interview. Photo: Instagram

“Thank God I didn’t end up on Botched,” Kylie added, referencing the reality show where plastic surgeons attempt to fix real-life surgery mistakes.

When she opened up about getting her lips done last year, the teen confessed that they had been “an insecurity” of hers and she was worried about the reaction she would face from the media.

Watch Kylie confess to getting lip fillers in the video below – story continues after the video

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“It’s what I wanted to do. I’m just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet, because everyone always picks us apart,” she said in the episode.

Fast forward to today, and the reality star has turned her much-talked-about lips into a budding business empire, with the launch of her Lip Kits causing a frenzied buying dash among beauty junkies.

The ever-popular lipstick and lip liner products have found plenty of fans – including singer Ariana Grande – despite the Kylie Cosmetics company initially receiving a rating of ‘F’ from the Better Business Bureau earlier this month.

At the time, the organisation noted there had been more than 100 customer complaints over the packaging and shipping of the products. The BBB later removed it’s ‘F’ rating and replaced it with a ‘No Rating’ label instead.

Watch Kylie reveal her beauty routine in the video below

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