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It's a girl! TVNZ's Renee Wright welcomes third child

One News weather presenter has given birth just days after finishing on screen.

TVNZ's Renee Wright has given birth to her third child.
The popular weather presenter welcomed a baby girl today, just a few days after finishing on One News.
Her husband Charlie Waide spread news of the arrival to friends and family, announcing: "Baby girl born at 1.45pm, Mum and bubs fit and well," according to the NZ Herald.
The new addition is a little sister for Leo and Giselle.
The new addition is a sister for Leo, age four, and sister Giselle, age two.
Baby number three was admittedly a surprise for Renee and Charlie, after a difficult 2015. But in December, Renee told the New Zealand Women's Weekly it was a welcome one!
“It’s a bit of a surprise,” she said. “Just when Giselle is heading off to kindy, and it looked as if we might get some quiet time, number three is going to be joining us."
She said the couple didn't find out if they were expecting a boy or girl
“When I had Leo I took pink baby clothes with me to the hospital because I was so convinced he’d be a girl,” she recalled. “With Gigi we found out, as Charlie really wanted to. He’d like that this time too but I’ve said ‘no’ because I love surprises.”
Before getting pregnant, Renee and Charlie lived apart for a few months last year before reuniting.
“Charlie and I have been in difficult places at times,” Renee told the magazine. “We got to a point where so much had happened – we’d moved five times in four years, had the children, I was no longer working full time and Charlie had started his own business, plus we were renovating the house. Something had to give.”