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Heather du Plessis Allan’s South African holiday horror

The broadcaster and her husband Barry Soper were caught in carjacking nightmare.

Media couple Heather du Plessis Allen and Barry Soper have just returned from a trip to South Africa, after what may have been the worst holiday of their lives.
The pair, who had been on a month long break, were burgled first in Cape Town and then subjected to an aggressive carjacking incident in Johannesburg, which they escaped from unharmed, NZME reports.
Soper said the couple had been to du Plessis Allan’s birth country many times before without incident but recent events had left them both feeling afraid.
"Heather was born in South Africa and we have been there many times before without incident," Soper said. "But this was scary stuff. The carjacking was very frightening."
The journalist told NZME in some detail of the circumstances surrounding the Johannesburg carjacking incident.
Soper explained that a man approached the couple’s car which had come to a standstill at lights in the notoriously crime-ridden suburb or Hillsbrow.
After rolling down his window, another man approached and made a lunge for the pair, demanding their cellphones.
Soper wrestled with with the man and was able to drive off. The pair were both very shaken but unharmed.
"What was more frightening than anything was people just stood by and watched it happen, no one tried to help. And the police didn't seem all that interested in investigating anything either," he said.
Newstalk ZB's political reporter Barry Soper and his wife of seven years, Heather du Plessis Allan. Photo: Getty Images
Heather du Plessis Allan has been relatively quiet since her exit from Mediaworks last year.
According to reports, du Plessis Allan was asked to leave the 7pm nightly current affairs show she was hosting at the time with Duncan Garner because of "inaccuracies" in a interview she gave earlier about her decision to leave the company.
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