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Goldie Hawn's ex Bill Hudson disowns his children Kate and Oliver Hudson

Kate Hudson's estranged biological father speaks out about their strained relationship

By Keren Sim
There's clearly no love lost between Kate and Oliver Hudson and their biological father Bill Hudson, as Goldie Hawn's ex has hit back at his estranged children in a scathing new interview with The Daily Mail.
Last week, Nashville star Oliver Hudson slammed Bill in a hard-hitting Father's Day post on Instagram. Sharing a photo of the famous siblings with their dad in happier times, Oliver captioned it "Happy abandonment day" and tagged Kate in the post.
The jab wasn't lost on Bill, who was married to Goldie from 1976-1980.
"I say to them now, 'I set you free.' I had five birth children but I now consider myself a father of three," he told the publication.
"I no longer recognise Kate and Oliver as my own," he said.
Bill went on to say that both Oliver and Kate were not part of his life anymore, and he wanted them to stop using his last name.
"Oliver's Instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth," he said.
Kate, 36, has yet to make any comments about the very public spat, but on Father's Day in the US she posted her own tribute to Kurt Russell.
"Pa, just simply...Thank you. Happy Fathers Day I love you to the moon and back," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a black and white photo of herself and Kurt.
Kurt, 64, has been in a relationship with Goldie since 1983 and is close to both Oliver and Kate. He has one biological son with Goldie named Wyatt, who was born in 1986, and he also has a son named Boston from his previous marriage to ex-wife Season Hubley.
In an interview with Porter for their June isue this year, Goldie opened up about how she and Kurt share similar family values.
"We talked about relationships and commonality early on. We had nannies, there’s no doubt about it. We’ve both been working," she told the publication.
"But we were very present with our children. It’s the same way we grew up."

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