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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi finally have a kid!

We couldn’t be happier for them

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have added a new member to their family: Kid, a 9-week-old puppy!
"I have not talked about this yet, but we have a new puppy,” Ellen said.
“Portia and I got a puppy and his name is Kid so now we have a kid. Yep. I mean, he is absolutely adorable.”
She went on to say, “It really makes me appreciate what it's like to be a mother.”
“Because like, I'm trying to hold a puppy while I'm trying to make coffee. And I can't do anything. He doesn't let me do anything.”
"And I named him Kid because, you know, people...There have been rumors forever. 'When are you and Portia gonna have a kid?' So, now I can say we have a Kid. So it can just stop."
In her 2011 book, Seriously...I'm Kidding, Ellen joked about people who longed to see her become a mother.
"People are constantly asking Portia and me if we are going to have children.”
“We thought about it. We love to be around children after they've been fed and bathed. But we ultimately decided that we don't want children of our own," she wrote.
"There is far too much glass in our house."