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Drew Barrymore shares her best parenting secret

The Hollywood actress has revealed her number one parenting tip that anyone can follow

Single mother Drew Barrymore has shared her secret for successful co-parenting – and it’s easier than you’d think…
The actress, who announced she was calling time on her four-year marriage to Will Kopelman earlier in the year, revealed that the main thing for her is “constant plans.”
“I think plans. Constant plans,” she told Entertainment Tonight while walking the red carpet at the Once Upon A Time Gala in Los Angeles on October 15.
“You just… you, I don’t know, you just be a family! Families are many different definitions in this day and age.”
Despite splitting with Will, Drew's touched that his family still include her in celebrations.
"I woke up to an email from my children's grandmother, Coco, this morning saying, 'OK so I think my birthday we're going to do it on the 14th. Can you make that date because it's not the same without you. I have to make sure that date works for you.' I feel honoured that my children's grandmother... her love and acceptance means the world to me," Drew shared.
The actress shares two daughters with her ex, Olive, four and Frankie, two.

And speaking of not wearing a mask, the 41-year-old is known for showing off her face clean of make-up, having uploaded many bare-faced selfies to her Instagram account.
For someone with over 5 million followers and a career very much in the spotlight, this could be considered a bold move – so how does she stay confident when baring all?
"I have a motto, 'A smile is better than any lipstick you're ever going to buy,'" she explained to ET.
"So if I can be just me every day of my life and have the makeup moment feel special or like I'm carving something out of my time, or I'm making an effort to show someone in a meeting or a dinner that I've made the effort - it feels special. But every day is not like that."

**This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia

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