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Celine Dion's tattoo tribute to her late husband

The songstress has revealed her plans to ink a tattoo tribute to her husband who died in January.

Celine Dion recently sat down for a candid game of ‘This or That’ with The Scene, where she was asked to weigh in on number of topics, from fashion and Justin Bieber, to her favourite city.
When asked about her preference between tattoos or piercings, the 48-year-old confessed that she herself is considering a permanent ink tribute to her late husband, Rene Angelil, who died in January.
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"Since my husband passed away, they can make the tattoo as his heartbeat," she said.
“So, I might have his heartbeat on my body for the rest of my life."
The couple married in 1994, when Celine was 26-years-old.
Up until the death of the icon’s loving husband, who lost his battle with throat cancer earlier this year, the singer hadn’t planned to ink her body due to reservations about aging skin.
"In tattoos, I've seen so many people that, they have tattoos when they're young and they get older and the name changes," she explained.
"You know, it used to be 'Louise' and now it's like, 'Louis.' You are goin' down! It's gravity, baby. It's goin' down!"
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