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Candy Lane's blossoming new romance

It began with a mysterious bunch of flowers - and turned into an exciting new relationship.

Kiwi dance legend Candy Lane has opened up about her exciting new romance with fellow dancer Ricky Hancock.
In the latest issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, the former Dancing with the Stars judge reveals their romance blossomed, quite literally, while they were working together at her Auckland dance studio.
She received a mysterious bunch of two dozen red roses - which turned out to be from younger man Ricky.
“They were the most beautiful flowers, but there was no name on the card," Candy tells the Weekly. "I didn’t know for ages who’d sent them until Ricky and I were texting about organising some lessons and he told me. I was really surprised as I didn’t realise his marriage had ended.”
The couple’s first date at a Thai restaurant proved Candy and Ricky, who is 12 years younger, had something special, and the pair have now been dating for four months.
“It was the first time I’d been out with a dancer, not to mention someone who’s run a studio himself, so he understands what I do,” Candy says. “He gets it and he’s really supportive. It’s all so easy. We can discuss dance and teaching, and we do lots of fun things together.”
Ricky, who also runs a cosmetic tattooing company as well as teaching dance, adds, “I have to pinch myself every morning. I feel so, so lucky that we’ve run into each other. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone before.”
Words: Sebastian van der Zwan
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