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Bernadine Oliver-Kerby's happiness list

Nicky Pellegrino asks Bernadine Oliver-Kerby about what makes her happy.

By Nicky Pellegrino
What makes you truly happy? My new novel, One Summer in Venice, is about a search by the main character, Addolorata, for the 10 things that make her happy – but compiling her personal recipe for joy is much trickier than she’d imagined. I asked some well-known Kiwi women to share their own lists of what brings them happiness. This week, TV One news presenter Bernadine Oliver-Kerby shares the things that make her heart sing.
  1. Babies – mine or other people’s. From little chubby legs tumbling out the front of a pram, to a newborn safely cocooned into his or her mum – I could inhale them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Blue sky. Simply waking up to the brilliant blue, or driving around on a sunny day with the windows down, makes me feel energised
  3. Hearing my girls Maisey (7) and Scarlett (6) laugh so hard they can’t stop – and the laughing turns to snorting and gasping for air. You can’t help but laugh along too.
  4. Family holidays. We love to travel and always gravitate back to the US. It’s starting to get embarrassing, though, when Mum wants a photo with Tinkerbell and Periwinkle too!
  5. Daydreaming... I look up and see giant planes taking people on adventures, to meet loved ones, start new lives and visit bucket list destinations. I don’t know where the plane is going but I wish I was on it too.
  6. Giving things away. I get a bigger kick out of giving things to people in need than making a profit from surplus stuff on TradeMe.
  7. Childhood memories. Roller-skating around Te Awamutu with my brother, eating the feijoas that carpeted the ground at Nana’s house and running around her big backyard.
  8. Sleep. What is that again? My daughter told me the other day she was nocturnal.
  9. Good coffee. Life is too short to drink the bad stuff. It’s an all-round pick-me-up tonic.
  10. Hugs. My children are world champions at this, and it’s true – the best things in life are free.

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