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Below Deck's Luka Brunton reveals when he will move back to NZ

The Kiwi reality star talks love, life on a yacht and his plans for the future

Fans of Below Deck will be disappointed to hear that Luka Brunton – the Raglan boy known for stealing hearts – is back with his old flame and won't be living up to his playboy reputation any time soon.
Speaking exclusively to Woman's Day, the Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Mediterranean star confesses he's been in an on-off relationship with a Spanish OnlyFans model named Lorena Peach, who he met in Bali in 2019.
"Right now, we're living together in Majorca, Spain, but we did split up for a while when I was filming," says Luka, 27. "It's been really tough for her watching what I've been up to on the shows. We've had a good discussion about it, though, and she understands everything that's happened."
Model Lorena's making more waves than Luka!
Luka has been romantically involved with a few ladies from both shows and explains it's hard to resist temptation when you're in such close quarters with so few people.
"It's a boat thing," he laughs. "It just seems to happen because, obviously, you're living so close together and you can't really get away from anyone – these are the people around you."
Not that Lorena is short of admirers – she is represented by Bali Model Agency and has amassed almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, even more than her reality star beau.
The pair spend much of their time travelling separately for work but meet up whenever they can. Meanwhile, due to his busy sailing and filming schedules, Luka says he hasn't been back in his hometown of Raglan for five years.
"I went back to New Zealand for one day just before we started filming for Down Under," he explains. "I flew in, changed my suitcase, flew to Australia and started filming. It was hectic! But I definitely do want to come back. I've got a friend's wedding in February, so I'll be there soon."
Luka's hoping for more high-sea adventures before settling down in Raglan.
When asked if he's been inspired by his fellow Kiwi and Below Deck co-star Aesha Scott, who just recently returned to her hometown of Tauranga, he responds with certainty.
"I definitely will end up living in New Zealand eventually. I've been lucky to work on yachts and see so many different places around the world, but there's nothing like home. We'll definitely settle there. That's where I want to have kids, for sure. It's a great place to bring up some little ones."
For now, though, when he's not sailing, Luka spends much of his time going between Spain and Indonesia. His parents made the move to Asia a few years ago. His mum worked as a teacher in Raglan and then moved to an international school in Vietnam. From there, she accepted a job at a sustainability-focused "green school" in Bali and hasn't looked back.
"The school is amazing," gushes Luka. "All the classrooms are made out of bamboo and the curriculum is designed around natural stuff, like teaching kids how to make their own gardens. She's really enjoying it there."
Getting into Mediterranean mischief with the crew.
Luka has loved Indonesia so much during his visits that he's put down business roots there. "I've actually spent the last nine months in Bali developing an app," he says.
"It's called 2-Ways and the idea is that once that gets off the ground, then I won't really have to work on the boats any more."
The app is a cross between TikTok and Airbnb, where travellers can look for accommodation, restaurants and activities, all in video form. "It's to give you a better idea of where you're staying or what you're
going to do and you can book it all through the platform."
While most of the listings are in Indonesia, Luka says the app is ready for people all over the world to start listing their properties. "Eventually we'll start to market it in New Zealand, which will be really good for us."
But most importantly, will the heartthrob be back on our screens soon?
"I have no idea!" he says. "I'm just working on a normal boat at the moment and currently just on standby. I'd love to get back on the show, but we'll see what happens."
Below Deck Mediterranean is now streaming on Hayu and Bravo.

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