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Ariel Winter reveals she hasn’t spoken to her mother in over 3 years

The star opens up about her difficult childhood and her estranged mother

It’s no secret that Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has endured her fair share of difficult personal challenges during her time in the public eye.
Last year, the 18-year-old actress won her lengthy court battle to become legally emancipated from her mother, Chrisoula Workman, who Ariel says put her through emotional and physical abuse as a child.
“I did have a really, really hard childhood. It wasn’t normal. It wasn’t what I should have had,” she told Good Morning America, revealing that she hasn’t spoken to her mother for over three years.
“It wasn’t a supportive, loving home. I had a really tough time.”
The star went on to say that despite falling in love with acting now, she feels she was pushed into the industry at a young age.
“That’s not to say I don’t love it and it’s not my passion now,” she told GMA.
“But I definitely think that at 4, nobody knows what they want to do. And I don’t know that if I had had my own run to be able to decide what I wanted to do, if I would have [chosen acting].”
Ariel was removed from Chrisoula’s home in 2012 and went to live with her older sister Shanelle Gray, who has since been named her permanent guardian. When Ariel was granted legal emancipation last year, she gave a special shout-out to her sister and father Glenn Workman on social media.
Ariel with her older sister Shanelle at a charity event in 2013. Photo: Getty
“I’m really lucky I have an amazing support system and lovely people in my life who have given me the support and guidance to have been given this wonderful opportunity,” Ariel wrote at the time.
“Most importantly I want to thank @shanelle_gray and my father for their special support regarding this matter, I really couldn’t have done it without them.
“I can’t wait to embark on my new adventures,” she continued.
As for what those adventures will involve, the star told GMA that she’s currently in the process of applying for colleges.
Despite everything that’s happened, Ariel says she learned important lessons from her troubled childhood.
“Don’t take anything for granted, for sure, because I have an amazing life now, but I know what it’s like to not. So I definitely am grateful for everything I have. Everyone I have. Everything I have,” she said.
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