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Angela Stone hits back: Look at me now!

The Real Housewives of Auckland star gets candid about loving her body

By Ashleigh McEnaney
Angela Stone has a clear message for her rival co-star Michelle Blanchard this week … Look at me now!
After being taunted by her fellow Housewife for having a plus-size figure, the Christchurch-based stylist has stripped off for a sexy swimwear and fashion shoot in Woman’s Day to prove just how much she loves her bodacious bod.
Watch Angela's reaction to Michelle's 'plus-size' comments in the video. Story continues below.
“Take a good look, Michelle,” Angela smirks. “I’m comfortable to put myself in a swimsuit. Don’t bother projecting your insecurities on to a woman who looks like a woman.”
While Michelle’s snide remarks in the show’s explosive premiere did show Angela in tears, the 44-year-old says she’s no longer willing to put up with nastiness or negativity.
“What gives her the right to make a judgement about someone else’s appearance?” demands Angela.
Although the body-proud star has no qualms sticking it to Michelle, Angela admits nasty keyboard warriors have rocked her confidence.
“The social media trolls have been out in force which has been really alarming,” she says. “They seem to be very tough behind a computer screen, and no one deserves to be treated so poorly.
“These trolls need to understand that life has consequences. I am making a TV show with my fellow castmates – it’s for entertainment. Making threats is inappropriate.”
See the full story with Angela in this week's issue of Woman's Day, on sale now

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