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Adele hits out at bouncer during Aussie tour finale

The award-winning songstress lived up to her bolshy reputation.

As her Australian tour drew to a close last night, Adele made sure she lived up to her straight-talking reputation, taking on a bouncer at Melbourne’s Eithad Stadium.

The bolshy Brit interrupted her sell-out gig to chastise a security guard.

“Just before we go to the next song ... excuse me, sir? I know you work here, but could you stop telling people to sit down?” she said to the guard.

“This is a music show. If people can't see, then they can stand up. And if you're moaning about people dancing, then what the f**k have you come to a show for?

"If I see one more person get told to sit down, I swear to God.”

Adele also invited a man and his partner on stage, after she spotted him crying during her rendition of Hello.

After wrapping up her sell-out gigs across Australia, Adele will head to Kiwi shores this week. Headlining gigs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at Mt Smart Stadium.

Last week, an Australian woman who attended Adele's gig in Brisbane, told of how she almost died when latex balloons were dropped on the crowd during the concert.

With an allergy to latex, Poonja Newman told news crews how she began to panic after going into anaphylactic shock after the balloons were dropped.

The mum-of-three administered three EpiPens to herself to halt the reaction, but they didn't help.

Luckily, her 38-year-old sister could see what was happening, and called an ambulance to the venue.

But after emergency services took 30 minutes to arrive, her sister tearfully explained they were worried she wouldn't make it.

The family are now urging concert organisers to reconsider the covering for their balloons at future events.