How to identify and fix your hair problems

Hair can be damaged in a number of ways - here's how to fix three different issues.

Regardless of whether or not you opt for a sulphate-free variety, choosing the right type of shampoo for your hair’s needs is crucial.
Here are a few common indicators that your hair needs some TLC along with some catchwords you should look out for on your shampoo bottle thanks to Diane Shaskey, National Education Manager for Matrix...
“This hair type looks brittle, dull and lifeless,” says Diane. It’s often due to heated tools or over-processing with colour and chemicals.
Look for shampoos that are able to “revitalise” and “repair” the hair back to good health.
If you use a lot of styling products, a build-up will eventually cause your hair to appear flat, dull, lifeless and generally lacking in body and vitality.
Look for shampoos that can “detox” or “uplift” your hair by deeply cleansing it to bring it back to life.
Diane says this hair type lacks moisture so it will appear rough and will lack elasticity and shine.
Find a shampoo that will “nourish” and “replenish” moisture if you want shiny, healthy hair that’s easier to manage.
Words: Tracy Davis
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