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What's your perfect perfume scent?

Are you a floral queen or a fruit lover? Find the perfect perfume for you by taking this easy quiz.

What's the right perfume scent for you?
How would you describe your usual perfume style?
A.) Fresh
B.) Musky
C.) Spicy
Which is your favourite smell out of the following?
A.) Strawberries
B.) Roses
C.) Vanilla
Which of the following most applies to you?
A.) A forever optimist
B.) A true romantic
C.) A wild nomad
What kind of music do you love the most?
A.) Indie or soft rock
B.) Ballads
C.) Reggae or World Music
What do you like your perfume to remind you of?
A.) Happy days spent in the sun
B.) Loved up evenings with someone special
C.) Far away places and holidays of years gone by.
What kind of scent best suits you?
Mostly As: Your perfect scent is Agrume (Sea Buckthorn)
The eternal optimist with a love of fruity smells that bring back memories of summer days, you'd be best matched with Jardin de Vie - Agrume. Fruity and refreshing, this scent contains grapefruit and sweet mandarin, rounded off with sandalwood.
Mostly Bs: Your perfect scent is Rose
Your perfect scent would be something like Jardin de Vie - Rose, which combines a floral base of enchanting rose and delicate rose geranium. It's rounded off with warming ylang-ylang blossoms, and is the ultimate scent for any romantic.
Mostly Cs: Your perfect scent is Grenade (Pomegranate)
A traveller at heart with constant wanderlust, your ideal scent evokes memories of exotic places and previous experiences. Spicy, sensual, with a carefee orange top note, this perfume is rounded off with vanilla and mango for a wonderfully rich aroma.
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