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Miranda Kerr's 15-minute beauty routine

The Australian model and mum shares her tips for getting glam fast

She's known for her effortlessly chic style and natural beauty, but Miranda Kerr has let her fans in on a little secret: She only takes 15 minutes to get ready in the morning!
The 31-year-old stunner shared her beauty secrets in a series of blog posts on her Kora Organics website, and some might just surprise you.
Body beautiful
Miranda says she starts every day the same way with a glass of warm water with lemon - this reportedly helps to "kick start the digestion process".
She also recommends dry body brushing before showering, a process that involves using an exfoliating brush to gently scrub at dry skin.
Miranda rocks a bright lip at an event for Swarovski
Hair and makeup
Miranda's all about no-fuss styling options for hair, using a low braid or high topknot to keep things looking polished without a lot of effort.
In terms of makeup, she advocates using fingers to apply a light base product for a more natural finish - she uses her brand's Tinted Day Cream.
Miranda says she spends the most time on her eyelashes and brows. She keeps the lips simple with a nourishing balm, or switches to a statement red lipstick. Add a concealer for more coverage, and her makeup look is complete.

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