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Makeup secrets from a professional - winter makeup

Margaret Mackenzie has been working as a professional makeup artist for five years, with a background from both the Napolean Perdis academy and oAC makeup. In part three of our four - part series, Margaret takes time out from her busy schedule to give some expert advice on tailoring makeup for the cooler season.

By Nicky Pellegrino
As the season changes from summer to winter, what are some makeup tricks or techniques to keep skin in top condition?
With the days getting cooler, wind and other conditions dry out our skin. The most important thing to remember during this time is to keep your water intake up.
Hydration starts from the inside. We also suffer from dry skin around our nose and cheeks when getting a cold, so don't forget to moisturise and use a serum at night.
Margaret's expert advice:
If your skin is dryer than usual, avoid wearing too much foundation. Foundation will stick to any dead flaky skin and highlight these areas. Try using a hydrating moisturiser with pearlized pigments.
This will give your skin a hydrating boost as well as a beautiful glow. Also, another option is to dab a light-weight concealer on imperfections, instead of applying a full face foundation.
Don 't forget to change your foundation base colour in winter - most people will turn a few shades paler.
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