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How to dye your hair like an A-lister this 2016

Want to get the best hair dye look? Look no further.

When it comes to hair colour, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas certainly knows his palette. He’s coloured the superstar locks of Kelly Rowland, Ellie Goulding and Diane Kruger to name a few, but he’s happy to offer regular ladies like us a little advice too.
We grilled him for a few hair dyeing home truths.
What do you see as the biggest trends for hair colour this year?
“Bronde” is going to be the hottest shade and colour trend of 2016. Bronde works for blondes who want to go darker but not too dark, and for brunettes who want to go lighter but not too light. It’s safe to say it will be popular as it’s a universally flattering shade, since it falls right in the middle of the hair colour spectrum. The best examples of the bronde trend in 2015 were Hannah Davis and Chrissy Tiegan.
I combined baby lights in the crown for Chrissy with a few strategically placed balayage highlights to create her look.
Do you follow any rules for which skin tones suit which hair colours?
My number one rule is staying within a few shades of your natural hair colour. Going any lighter or darker than four shades of your natural colour usually looks harsh.
Is it true that the hair colour we had as a child is the one that is most flattering for us as an adult?
Absolutely. That’s why enhancing your natural colour usually ends up with the best result. If you were a brunette as a child, then pale blonde hair is probably not your best choice as an adult.
When is dark too dark as we get older?
Any darker than your natural colour is usually too dark. Lighter hair has a softening effect on the skin. This doesn’t mean you need to go blonde, but one or two shades lighter is usually more flattering.
Chrissy is the perfect hair-spiration for 2016
Who are your three favourite celebrity examples of women aged 40-plus?
Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her hair modern and sophisticated with her dimensional balayage highlights. Salma Hayek softly lightens her black hair to a lighter brown with caramel highlights. Julianne Moore has punched up her red to a bronzy copper colour we call “ronze”.
What’s your advice for a woman who is losing the battle against colouring her grey hair?
Don’t give up! Most likely your friends colour their hair so if you stop, you will look 10 years older. Instead opt for a lighter shade that will help camouflage the grey.
What’s your favourite and most flattering way to use highlights?
Balayage highlights are my favourite way to add soft accents of colour to the hair, and it gives the most flattering accents of colour to your natural hair.

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