The right products to keep mature skin glowing

Forget the idea of fading into the background! L’Oréal’s new Age Perfect Golden Age products are made for mature skin.

As we age, skin becomes thinner, more fragile and less healthy-looking. This can give us a washed out appearance, and fine lines and small blood vessels become more obvious.
A key to ageing beautifully is having the right skincare routine for your skin – at the right time. That's why L'Oréal has released its first flattering skincare regime specifically formulated to restore a beautiful glow to mature skin.
L'Oréal Age Perfect Golden Age is designed to re-cushion thinning and revive dull skin with a healthy-looking rosy glow. So forget the idea of fading into the background; a new Age Perfect Golden Age is dawning – because we're worth it!

Awaken the glow

Formulated for skin losing its youthful density and natural colour, L'Oréal Age Perfect Golden Age Serum combines calcium with rose micro-pearls. The formula is designed to boost hydration, making skin more supple with a subtle radiant glow. Over weeks, skin texture should become more refined, re-plumped and feel more toned.
How to use
After cleansing, massage a few drops of serum into the face and neck.
RRP $44.99

Recushioning action

With an exclusive complex of flower extracts and neo-calcium in a daily care formula, L'Oréal Age Perfect Golden Age Day Cream provides intense hydration to the skin – without feeling tight. Neo-calcium, known for its fortifying properties, helps restore the skin's density and supports its structure. Revived skin tone appears more rosy.
How to use
After using the serum, apply with a circular motion, avoiding the eye contours.
RRP $39.99

Nightly protection

L'Oréal Age Perfect Golden Age Night Cream acts as a protecting cream that encourages repair of the skin's barrier function. In the morning, skin is visibly fresher. Night after night, the skin regains its density and facial contours appear more refined.
How to use
In the evening, after applying the serum, gently massage into the face and neck, using a circular motion and avoiding the eye area.
RRP $39.99