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Beauty tips from the stars

From the red carpet to reality, you too can have the latest trends.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Cate Blanchett, red carpet.

The faux bob - Cate Blanchett

This is a great way for stars, such as Cate Blanchett, to take their long locks shorter.

  • To create, you need a hair elastic, lots of bobby pins, a brush and hairspray, plus hair irons. Your technique depends on the style of your hair.
  • If it’s one-length, iron hair straight and divide into two sections from ear to ear and clip the top one away. Braid the bottom section and pin flat against the head (or create a tight bun). Backcomb the top section for volume, spritz with hairspray and smooth the top. • Secure into a low, loose ponytail with an elastic – it can cover your ears at the sides or be tucked behind them. Fold the end underneath the braid and pin in place.
  • For vintage waves, create some curls with tongs in the top section before clipping it out of the way and creating the braid. Break up the curls with your fingers before pulling back and pinning under. You could also roll up and pin all the way around, but you’ll need loads of bobby pins.

Bright eyes - Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o’s blue eyeshadow had the wow factor at the SAG Awards. If lashings of lid colour seems too 1970s diva, then dial down the look with coloured mascara.

  • Try MAC False Lashes Mascara $48 available in colours, such as Blue Charge.
  • For more intensity pair with a blue eyeliner.

Hot lips - Helen Mirren

Orange is the new red when it comes to lips and Helen Mirren and Amy Adams nailed it at this year’s SAG Awards.

  • Find the right shade for your complexion – pinky orange tends to suit fair skins; bright orange works for medium-tone complexions; peachy orange is best for olive skin.
  • Texture counts too – if you want subtle, go sheer and shiny.
  • Generally, the more matte the lipstick, the bolder it will look.

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